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Softech Dynamics (PTY) LTD​  is a leading provider of desktop as a service (DaaS) solutions in an increasinglydigital world. While specialising in the simplification of technology deployment and access, we continuouslystrive to assist our clients in harnessing their competitive advantage opportunities by developing solutions thatimprove their operational activities.

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Artificial Ingtelligence, Machine Learning

We have a team of highly skilled technicians. We are extremely reliable and secure in planning, building, implementing, managing and resolving any immediate need for information technology projects or platforms for any future information technology needs in any part of the world.

Import and Export of Mobile Phones and Accessories

We have a huge network of wholesale suppliers of any popular branded mobile phones and accessories that rely on current technology.

Import and Export of Electronics Products

We have the traditional reputation of importing and exporting any essential electronics products of world famous brands. Buyer and seller ultimate satisfaction is what makes our tradition so rich.

Timber export

We have a very reliable supply system for the export of high quality timber produced in Africa and Latin America.

Supply chains management for any needs

We have a strong network of highly reliable supply chain and highly efficient management worldwide team for any subjects, any products and any needs including skilled, trainee and unskilled manpower.

Export of Minerals

We are a very reliable source in exporting of any mineral required for Cobalt, Lithium, Copper, Zinc, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Diamond etc.!

Export of food grains

We are strongly able to export rice, wheat, sugar, edible oils (palm, soybean, sunflower, etc.), pulses, coffee, spices, all kinds of food grains, etc. to any part of the world with a reputation throughout the year. In this case, our continued loyalty has made our supply chain extremely strong.

Export of High Quality Grade 1 Scrap Iron

South Africa is the best hub for the source of high quality Grade 1 scrap iron and we are one of the reliable and pioneer supplier of this excellent quality scrap iron!

Agriculture and future agricultural management

We have a very smart team of experienced Next Generation Vertical Farming and Agricultural Information, Technology Supply, Establishment and Management. We have skilled manpower to support self- sufficient agricultural production, management, technology and accurate information that suitable for any environment in the world.

Export of Chemicals

We have an environmentally friendly and reliable source of any chemical required for leather, garments and textiles.

Fuel oil and fuel oil by products Export

We have a very strong management of stable and reliable supply in the export of fuel oil, furnace oil, railway lubricant oil and any kinds of fuel oil by products.

Cotton, Textile and Readymade Garments Import-Export

We have A to Z strong supply chain management in exporting very high quality cotton. We have a highly reliable source and very strong A to Z supply system for importing and exporting textiles and readymade garments.

Jute and jute products

We have been exporting high quality jute and jute products all over the world throughout the year. We give top priority to quality, price and on time delivery as per customer demand.

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Computer & Laptop

You will get all kinds latest Hardware based Pc and Laptop.You can also build your custom pc.


Equipment & Gadets

You will get all kinds latest PC Equipment & Gadets.


PC Software

You will get all kinds latest Genuine PC software.



You will get all kinds latest Brand SmartPhones like as iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, Blackberry & More..



You will get all kinds latest Pc and Mobile Accessories.



You can fix you pc and Smartphone.


Business Consultancy

We Provide best business consultancy


Supply Chain Management

We are best at Supply chain management


Export Import

We can do seamless export import.

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